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Proverbs have been pithy carriers of wisdom distilled over the years. But the world has changed. Sustainability has added a whole new paradigm to the world of business. Business as usual is no more business as usual. Business goals have evolved. Those who desire to achieve these new goals need to pursue new paths. They need to re-interpret existing paradigms to suit the new emerging business context.
For the UltraTech Sustainability Report, Cognito reinterpreted well-understood proverbs and blended their depth of wisdom with the dynamism of contemporary demands.
The theme of the report - ‘better zero than one’, enunciates that while Ultratech is proud to be a market leader in their sector, what gives it more joy is that their safety record for the year shows zero fatalities. Safety was identified as the key material issue for Ultratech in 2009, and after substantial groundwork and improvements in performance, it was decided to build stakeholder-wide focus on safety from 2012 to 2015. Thus, the previous report featured ‘Mission Ultrasafe’ as the core theme.
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