Integrated Sustainability Communication – Mahindra
A USD 6.3 billion, 100,000 people strong, a confederation of diverse businesses, the Mahindra Group is among the top ten industrial houses in India.
Although Mahindra's approach to business had conventionally been 'Beyond Profits', there was a need to consolidate the standalone business, social & environmental activities under one umbrella, provide a strategic sustainability framework with measurable goals and inject a fresh business urgency for accelerated adoption.
To circumvent the fuzziness of the term sustainability and the misconceived notions that it was just an inconvenient truth which had little relation to business, Cognito developed a bespoke actionable branding for Mahindra's sustainability initiative - Alternative Thinking.
Through an integrated campaign we mainstreamed "Alternative Thinking", established a strong business case for sustainability and instilled a strong buy-in among employees across various facilities and geographies. We also extended the campaign to encompass the supply chain.
We also extended the campaign to encompass the supply chain.
campaign units
- Branding
- e-report
- Report synopsis
- Awareness film
- 3D installations
- Ambient stimuli
- Monthly planners
- Weekly e-mailers
- Advertisement
- CSR branding
- Standees
- Ezine
- Caps
- Button buddies
- Employee pledge
- Green board
A Gallup survey, conducted after a year of the launch, reported that an overwhelming 75% of Mahindra employees were aware of sustainability issues.
‘Alternative Thinking’ now features in the Mahindra Brand Manifesto and is recognized as one of the three pillars for the organization.
The campaign has won accolades from sustainability professionals and business communicators.
ABCI Gold Award - 2010
PRCI Gold Award – 2010