IDFC has consistently led large-scale transformations and created greater value for the nation by transforming the benchmarks of performance. As an infrastructure finance company, we raised the performance bar and went beyond being just providers of capital and assisted in creating policy frameworks and worked with the government at various levels. We diversified our product portfolio beyond just loans so that we had deeper relationships with clients.
After transforming infrastructure, we are now transforming lives as we sprint ahead towards our goal of becoming a universal bank. As in our previous avatar, performance is again the key driver of this transformation. We are re-imagining the basics by leveraging the power of technology, setting new standards of customer service as well as breaking operational stereotypes across the triple bottom line.
Focusing on a 'less-branches, more-banking' strategy, we are enhancing financial inclusion while restricting ecological footprint. Forging a synergy between our CSR interventions and penetration of our banking services, we are transforming India, one district at a time.
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