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Concept Rationale
Having partnered L&T for four years in their sustainability journey and interacting with numerous individuals across hierarchies we realised that doing the right thing comes naturally to the company and its people. The right thing for society, the environment and the economy.
Long before terms like 'code of governance' had entered the public lexicon, L&T had adopted - intuitively and with considered intent - business practices in consonance with sustainability. Through the theme – ‘L&T Naturally.’ we articulated this inherent sustainable nature of the organisation and used the theme to contextualise their annual performance. This lent depth to the report. It helped stakeholders understand the DNA and the embedded value system of the organisation.
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Concept Rationale
Once upon a time, nature was considered limitless, the energy was thought to be infinite and responsibility was something that could be deferred and delegated. The fairy tale has ended.
We now live in a world of new ground realities. Every single business support system on our planet is in decline: fresh air, clean water, rich topsoil, minerals, and productive forests. To thrive happily ever after, businesses must leverage the power of negative to achieve lasting positive outcomes. A power that negates decline, while it accelerates growth.
Close interactions with L&Tites at a grassroots level indicated to us how they were deploying 'the power of negative' to subtract emission while adding revenue. Shrink resource consumption while enhancing production. Refrain from building walls around functions while reinforcing governance. Diminish societal income disparity while incentivizing performance.
Thus, the entire theme was crafted around how paradigms were being shifted. Disclosure has become a new business secret. Green has become the new black and so on...
The Visual Language
Sustainability is an amalgamation of many small efforts across the organization. The small segments that form the building blocks of each icon represent the myriad initiatives being undertaken in the organization.
The form of each icon that represents a chapter has been achieved within the square through a play of verse and reverse to compliment the 'negative' theme.
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Numerous businesses, large geographical spread, multiple key issues, varying priorities of each business and evolving processes. The major challenges in the development of the L&T sustainability report were 'diversity' and 'scale'.
The report elegantly encompasses 7 reports into one, binds them with a single thread and succinctly amplifies key takeaways. The report communicates a strong “Unity of purpose in Diversity” and is winning rave reviews from all stakeholder sections.
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