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From the global GRI Readers' Choice Awards
to the regional Asia Pacific Excellence Award
to the national ABCI Gold Award,
Cognito sustainability reports have won them all.
The Joint Winner Award for Asia's Best Materiality Reporting won by the Arvind Sustainability Report, developed by Cognito, is one such special award.
It must be the first time that a first sustainability report has won the Best Materiality Reporting Award.
The victory is really sweet as we developed a unique out-of-the-box sustainability framework for Arvind which was based On Input Management.
Six key inputs were identified as material for Arvind and the sustainability management and reporting was structured as per these inputs.
Radically different from legacy frameworks the award validates the faith and courage that the client placed in us and the integrity they demonstrated in adopting a framework that prioritized on-ground effectiveness overprescribed and practiced generalities.
And it is this difference in approach that also won the report
Asia's Best First Time Sustainability Report.