sustainability initiation programs
We help organisations understand the growth opportunities for their business in the sustainability space, define materiality, acquaint them with environmental and social risks in context of their business, facilitate identification of sustainability levers, introduce sustainability reports and the benefits of reporting.
content development
The ever evolving and at times mutating sustainability paradigms amplify the need for an expert content development partner. Our experienced team of developers helps create content that is reader friendly, engaging and free of hard-to-understand jargon. In-depth understanding of reporting frameworks, global practices, materiality & performance indicators coupled with insights on stakeholder literacy help us build efficient communication that elicits the desired response.
report development and design
We are India's leading sustainability communications advisory, and specialize in development of sustainability reports based on the GRI G3 guidelines content aggregation, report writing, design & production, submission to GRI, to handling auditor’s queries and public release, we offer a one stop solution. We also midwife maiden sustainability reports and handhold first-time reporters through the entire sustainability journey.
sustainability cascading - from boardroom to shopfloor
We develop and execute organisation wide engagement programs that translate sustainability principles into daily practice. We deploy multi-disciplinary design & communication tools with an aim to ensure that every member of the organisation understands the concept of sustainability, buys into the need and urgency to implement sustainability, and knows how to do it.
capacity building workshops
These interactive workshops empower top executives and business individuals across functions with a clear understanding of sustainability and global illustrations to amplify why it is a strategic tool for the business growth in the near future. The workshops have flagged-off the sustainability journey of many an organisation.
brand integration
Sustainability in its many forms connects to all brand touchpoints and is inextricably linked to brand identities and organisational reputations brands evolve responsibly and imbibe a sustainable value-set which is in-step with the expectations of their existing and potential consumers in this new age of consciousness and fair trade.