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Cognito is where good ideas meet better people. It's where exploration and discovery join hands everyday. It's where strategy, design and production rally together to create communication that engages, persuades and motivates.
At Cognito we are flaming pragmatists, we are attracted to what works. We find no contradiction between stunning, engaging creative and hardworking ones that achieve the desired result in the marketplace. We have been successfully deploying the power of different media, be it print, television, interactive, ambient or space, to develop efficient integrated campaigns even before β€˜360ΒΊ communications' became the buzzword.
In 26 years of our exciting existence we have worked on projects as varied as advertising design to crockery design, and brand architecture to office interiors.
The diversity of our skills is also reflected in the diversity of brands that we handle – hedge fund middle office to colas and wind turbine manufacturer to fashion. Our clients are spread across US, UK, China, Malaysia and the Middle East, and we develop communication in a multitude of languages, which include Vietnamese, Mandarin, Spanish, Turkish, Bahasa – Indonesia, Portuguese and German.
Headquartered in Vadodara with a servicing office in Mumbai, we are a team of over 40, breaking stereotypes in communication design, and bringing expertise, experience and enthusiasm to every project.