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Sustainability and its ever increasing demand across the stakeholder spectrum is changing the way the Construction and Real Estate sector conducts business. Sustainability and its reporting is witnessing an accelerated acceptance across geographies due to a realization that the practice of sustainability not only helps the environment but can also improve economic profitability, enhance access to capital and strengthen relationships with stakeholder groups.
Sustainability frameworks help instill uniformity in measurement and reporting across organizations, but to be realistic, efficient and balanced, the framework needs to factor in geographical nuances and ground realities of each country.
The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a networkbased organization and collaborating centre of the United Nations Environment Programme that has pioneered the development of the world's most widely used sustainability reporting framework, The United Nations
Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) Property Working Group, a global platform of financial institutions that collaborate to drive sustainable development to the heart of mainstream property finance, and Cognito, India's leading sustainability propagation advisory, are hosting the above workshops in two cities of India.
The workshops serve as a platform for key stakeholders to articulate their view on sustainability in the context of the Indian construction and real estate sector, provide local perspective on reporting parameters and contribute towards the development of the forthcoming GRI Construction and Real Estate Sector Supplement.
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