Owing to its cosmopolitan nature and cultural heritage, Vadodara has been a melting pot of brilliant minds, caring hearts and passionate souls. A number of organisations – corporates, NGOs, as well as academic institutions, have been tirelessly undertaking social and environmental initiatives to enhance the quality of life of the people of Vadodara district. In order to recognise and honour excellence in social responsibility, the Vadodara District CSR Cell, along with Cognito, is proud to announce The True Impact Awards.
The True Impact Awards are one of their kind as they encourage:
They lay emphasis on productivity of CSR resources and weightage is given to programmes which leverage existing infrastructure and competences of other organisations and/or the government to amplify on-ground impact.
It has a list of categories that are dove-tailed with priority impact areas of the district. Thus over and above encouraging excellence, they also steer efforts to where they are needed the most.
While the impact area is Vadodara district, the benchmarks are global and an eminent multi-disciplinary jury panel consisting of corporate luminaries, development sector stalwarts, academicians, media professionals and activists will deliberate and decide on the winners.
The Awards will be a platform for exchange of best practices and help every stakeholder enhance their performance. They will not only boost the morale and inject pride in top management, individual team members, employees and a wide gamut of stakeholders, but will also help applicants do capacity building in terms of knowledge and know-how.
To ensure a level playing field, the awards categories are segmented into 5 categories by size and type of organisation: (i) Large Corporates (ii) MSMEs (iii) PSUs (iv) NGOs (v) Academic Institutions.
The applications were evaluated by an eminent jury panel and the winners were announced at The CSR Conclave 2016 on Friday, February 19, 2016.