In 1993, design looked down on advertising, the way ballet looked down on cabaret. During those puritan times we brought together design and advertising and confined them to a one room organisation. There was crackling chemistry and these experimental souls indulged in various permutations and combinations. Sometimes design would turn aggressor and at times, without warning, advertising would turn the tables and climb in the saddle. On many projects they would indulge in spooning and it would be hard to distinguish where one ended and the other started.
A decade of togetherness and just like a dog and his master, design and advertising began to look like one another. As these two turned to one, in 2003 we got them a new bedmate called sustainability. Like it often happens with two individuals from different worlds with shared beliefs, they got along like a house on fire. Passion reignited, history repeated itself. Wheelbarrows to slides and dogs to eagles, imagination ran wild as these two proceeded to get intimately twined. While this gave birth to exciting new possibilities and outcomes in sustainability communication, what unknowingly emerged was a manual on how sustainability & design could take each other to a different high.